Cancer is only transformation, unless it kills you first.

Posted by Gretchen Jones on May 19, 2019

All of the genes active in cancer are active at only one other time in life. They are all switched on in the high estrogen/low progesterone state of the first nine weeks of life in utero when we are neither man nor woman. Since nature abhors a vacuum and is about duality, we must be one or the other -- man or woman.

We can’t remain in limbo for more than nine weeks or nature will take over, trying out combinational strategies in an effort to make us become “something”. Cancer is no plague on mankind, it is life, it’s just the new you. It’s a group of cells turned on to rapid unchecked growth by genes that are exactly the same in fetal tissue. That’s why they call them fetal oncogenes in research.

Grandma’s shift to an expanding middle, a little thinner hair on top, and a few chin whiskers was part of her salvation. When estrogen declines and progesterone production stops, all that’s left is the testosterone that once upon a time fed our libido along with an abundance of estrogen balanced by progesterone. In the grand scheme of things, old women – aren’t women at all past a certain point. If this phase-shift happens quickly -- say after decades of childbearing and breastfeeding --some of us make it through it without getting cancer.

That’s also why cancer isn’t something you can kill like a germ with an antibiotic. You can’t burn it, poison it or take it away because it is us -- or at least what’s become of us in the absence of performing a role in nature. Cancer is actually the genetic creativity shown in nature when an organism ceases to fit into The Plan.

Bio-identical progesterone replacement is a shoe-in as a cancer treatment because cancer was never about cellular overgrowth. It has always been about not enough death-- in the presence of overgrowth.

But cutting edge medicine has never equated menopause with cancer, even though cancer strikes at the time in a woman’s life when her hormones are disappearing.

The Standard of Care treatment plan is to further remove her estrogen. Taking estrogen away from women, or selectively blocking it without ever considering the synergy between the estrogen and progesterone, the most selective potent apoptotic factor known in the human body, is not the way to eradicate cancer.

It’s the way to cause heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

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