At the beginning of Feb, I weighed 152. (I hide it well here in New England) and I had 6 back surgeries the last one was a year ago! Today I weighed in at 136. I am 5 feet 5 inches. Last time I was in my 130’s was 2013. I can never ever thank Sweet PA Gretchen Jones enough. She is our guardian angel. Wiley Protocol, by the way, is the only way to go. As Gretchen says, it is the single protocol that makes sense. If I told all of you what I have been through you would not believe me because anyone that went through what I did would be in the looney bin. She saved my life. No exaggeration here at all. Truth at it’s finest. Thank you, Gretchen, and Thank you, T. S. Wiley

First 5 years I had two wp Drs in California. After that, I went over to see PA Gretchen Jones in CHICAGO. Hands on heart, she's the Best doctor that I have seen in my entire life!!!!

Marie H.

I have been with Gretchen for two years, and she's literally saved my life all of the problems that you're having I was in the same situation, and I'm single and barely could get to work. The doctors also wanted to prescribe and put me on Xanax, and I felt like a zombie on it, so I stop taking it I was referred to Gretchen, and as soon as I did my lab results she started me on estrogen progesterone and testosterone and within 30 days I was beginning to feel like myself. Again she saved my life. I had no one to turn to in the state of Arizona. My cholesterol was off the roof. My blood pressure was beyond bad. Within six months my test results came back almost normal I did not have cholesterol my blood pressure was back to normal, and I could actually think and form sentences, and I mean literally form sentences. Whoever sent you to her you need to thank her. You were sent to her for a reason.

Karen K.

Gretchen - thank you for your help today. I would really like to work with you as my personal practitioner! You are much more in alignment with the way I manage my health than anyone I have ever spoken to. I am so grateful for this protocol!

I found Gretchen from Anthony at Westmoreland Pharmacy after the alternative med Dr. I was seeing passed in the spring of 2016. I started the Wiley Protocol in September 2010. The alternative med Dr knew the basics about hormones and what Wiley’s test ranges were but with me going into this with cortisol and thyroid (mine is not functioning) issues I was a mess for a long time. The hormones helped with the menopausal symptoms some of the time, but I still had them more than not. I saved all my charts with my doses and notes since the first cycle. I was going through them this morning. Looking through my charts it wasn’t until I started seeing Gretchen that symptoms got better. My estrogen doses were just to low. Since Gretchen my sleep is great, and my libido returned, and I no longer have the seven dwarfs of menopause ... itchy, bitchy, sweaty, bloaty, sleepy, forgetful, and all dried up! (I’m sure there’s more).

Carol K.

Gretchen takes the time to listen and truly cares. She is very knowledgeable in women and men’s hormones. If you read through the posts and comments on this group, you will see all that she has helped. I think Gretchen truly wants to help as many women who are willing to feel better. This protocol is so natural to the body why would anyone hesitate to use it? I’ll be on hormones for the rest of my life! Thank you, Gretchen, for all you have done for my husband and me. Life is Great! And thank you, Teresa Sue Wiley, for all your work and this protocol.

Me before my hormones declined: physically fit, working out 6 days a week, running, eating healthy but plenty, healthy weight, vivacious, interested in life and the people in it, involved in all kinds of stuff, active, sleeping great, overall happy.

Nikki R.

Me after hormone decline: can’t hardly walk for 20 minutes let alone work out it run due to body pain, low back pain, no muscle recovery, and inability to breathe well. Gained weight even though nauseous half the time and although eating well still having digestive issues almost all the time. Anxiety. Terrible insomnia. No ability to bounce back from stress. Lost interest in life and people. Stay home most of the time. Hair was falling out. Skin and nails dry. And so much more.

Which of these people seems more likely to end up with cancer? That’s how I think about it. And as I go along with getting my E up, gradually the light is coming back, and the symptoms are starting to fade, and I feel a sense of my old self under there. That woman who was so active and bubbly and healthy. She seems less likely to get cancer to me, and the quality of life is entirely better!

I just had a Wiley protocol Dr near me take $800 for an hour long consult, prescribe the base level despite what my symptoms were and sent me on my way. I started to have problems/questions. 2/3 weeks went by....no response. So I pushed back. I was told my answers would have to wait until after her medical exam was out of the way. I said to her that it was an unacceptable response. She then wrote back that I wasn’t a candidate for the protocol because of an inherited liver deficiency. My family Dr did bloodwork.....liver is, and the ultrasound of the liver was too. I walked away losing $800 for one month of treatment.......THEN I found Gretchen. That was my silver lining. Gretchen has given me the utmost of attention to my hormonal imbalance. I work on my own to keep my diet clean etc., but for the first time in years, I’m responding. Slowly responding but responding. So hang in there. Sometimes you’re placed in the arms of an angel.

Diane M.

I'm a 70-year-old & have been on BIHR for about 10 years & on WP for 3. I was treated by 2 Dr's who very much resemble the Drs. That another member referred, to...they must have taken an online course! One of them was GYN/ Endocrinologist! He put me on WP but had very little knowledge about the protocol. I had to tell him about doing blood tests on E & P. My E level was 40 & was told that it was okay for my age. My periods stopped & ALL the symptoms of menopause came back. I couldn't find anyone In my area to go to. Out of desperation, I asked my compounding pharmacy if they could refer someone & they gave me Gretchen Jones #. It was like a miracle finding her! She is working with me to balance my hormones & I am a different person! Not to sound vain but I'm 70 & people think I'm in my 50s! I'm energetic, thick hair. Good skin, free of osteoporosis, cruel moments & brain fog to name a few! Gretchen Jones, you are heaven sent! ❤️

Terri B.

I was on static dosing. This was the last resort. Gretchen was confident and calmly explained the labs and goes on symptoms. Responds to texts. Makes it easy and helps you to not give into fear. It is finally providing me with hope and relief!

Christine M.

You will be happy! Got my sex drive back last month. Out of control! Love it! Thank God for Gretchen. She saved my life for real.

I love hearing positive stories. I had my first appt with Gretchen Jones last week. She is amazing. I felt like I’d known her forever.

Martha H.

I have only known Gretchen since starting WP...she is my Hormone Specialist... the only one I've met who truly understands hormones, how they behave in the body, how they affect our bodily functions, moods, and overall health. Gretchen answers my texts, phone calls and/or emails almost immediately. I can always reach her, so any questions I have, she can explain them very quickly...there is no middle man or gatekeeper. She takes your problems seriously and works WITH you to find solutions. Anyone going through mental and physical changes due to the loss of their hormones can benefit by speaking with Gretchen. My hubby was losing his gorgeous muscles, his chest was caving in... it was horrible to watch... Gretchen put him on Testosterone, and he's got his body back. He's 68 years old and has the shape of a 45-year-old man. My husband is lifting weights even more massive than he used to! He is still bald, but he's got a gleam in his eye! Friends tell me how beautiful my skin is...I'm 64 years old! Anyway, aside from the way we look on the outside, it makes you feel good on the inside too. I can sleep through the night which is the greatest gift of all!

Diana H.

I first went to my OBGYN. Thinking she’s older than me and would know how I’m feeling and would help me. Hell no! She just looked at me and basically said this is what happens as you age. Uh, no thank you! Next!

Martha H​.

I studied BHRT for months. Found a doctor that I knew and thought, let’s give this BHRT a try. He seems like he lacked real knowledge. Like maybe he attended some weekend seminars. I had very little confidence and quickly moved on to a doctor that seemed really knowledgeable. And he was. He put me through extensive blood testing looking at all aspects of my health, which was great. But... it was expensive, and he pushed pellets. Just kept upping my T. I knew it wasn’t what my body needed. I was so thankful when I found Gretchen Jones. I thought. What do I have to lose? I can do it over the phone. I was pretty exhausted and didn’t feel like walking into another doctors office. Gretchen was so pleasant on the phone and personable to talk to. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend who knew everything I was talking about.

She made it simple, and it really is! The fact that she has this page where we all share our experience, and she can chime in and guide us as well as the Godsend TS Wiley herself is worth so much!

The only regret I have is waiting so long to make my appt.

The book “sex, lies, and menopause” (Amazon) will help you to understand what everyone is talking about.

It completely makes sense! I’m very new to the protocol, but already feel better! Start with a consult with Gretchen... it’s no charge, and she knows her stuff!

My decision to start it was when I read women’s stories that have been on WP for years, and it has changed their life and that they will never go off of WP.

Terrie J​.

Gretchen is my 5th “hormone specialist.” With that being said she is actually my 1st. Or should I say she is the only specialist that actually is a hormone specialist that has had more than a couple weekend classes on hormones?

I have not been on WP before, this is my 3rd month in, and she has been a wealth of knowledge and help. Has always answered any questions that I have had and has listened to my thoughts/ideas no matter how far fetched. Lol. She is open-minded.

She has experienced everything that I have been going through, and she gets it!!! She doesn’t put herself up on a pedestal bc of her knowledge, she does her best to help and educate me in a way that I can understand it. I will continue seeing her for the rest of my life even if that means going to Chicago 😁.

Theresa​ H.

I actually went to Gretchen for Hcg but brought my blood work. I wasn't even 40, and my estrogen was like 46. My reg Dr (a woman at the time) and my OBGYN saw nothing wrong with that. Really? They also wanted to put me on Synthroid after just 1 test that was off. She knew all the numbers without referencing anything. She gave me the answers I needed and helped me get back on track. She listens to your concerns and is good with the natural stuff when most doctors aren't.

Shauna ​A.

Ok. Here I go..... under the age of 50 I had a complete hysterectomy. My male surgeon told me to go on Premarin as I was in immediate surgical menopause. I discovered Bio-Identical hormones and also discovered Suzanne Somers books on menopause. That’s when I read about the Wiley Protocol, and I sought out bio hormone doctors. I went through 4 “hormone” doctors and then I found Gretchen on the Wiley Protocol website. My first visit to her was over a 2-hour drive. I never regretted my decision from that day forward. I made that trip for over 2 yrs. At the age of 51, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Scared to death by the “standard of care” protocol I temporarily stopped my hormone therapy for chemo and surgery. Once chemo was over they wanted me to take Tamoxifen which blocks estrogen. Armed with all the books I read and Gretchen I bucked the blockage and actually started my bio hormones again. To this day my oncologist never knew that I immediately replenished my hormones as their advice would have been the opposite. I am 10 years cancer free at the age of 60. I will NEVER stop taking my hormones. I have never met anyone more knowledgeable about hormone health than Gretchen.

Jennifer C​.

I consulted with Gretchen...easier than finding a new doctor and driving and waiting. Consult with her on the phone 1 day and start your dosing couple days later and she is always available.

Stephanie S.

Just FYI, I have been a patient of Gretchen for almost 3 years. When I came to her I couldn't remember anything.. It was horrible. I was constantly tired. And anything that I read or talked about, I literally would forget. My muscles were weak and I had no stamina. I was desperate to fix the problem and I had gone to so many doctors and they all wanted to put me on depression pills.. I have to say I am a completely happy female again with strength endurance, laughter back in my life and I have more energy than I know what to do with. I am writing this to all the new women who are experiencing symptoms from not having enough estrogen, progesterone or, testosterone please listen to Gretchen and give yourself time to get better. You didn't get this way in a night and it's going to take you 6 months to really feel better. Be patient with yourself and poor Gretchen Jones. She was so kind to me and never judged me, she just listened. She knows what she is talking about. This isn't a quick fix, but it's a lifetime change for you and you will have your old self back. I write this because I want people to know that this "is the real deal". Just hang in there. It's soooooo worth it!! Cheerio!!!

Just some words of encouragement for those struggling. I just finished month 2 and I know this is not a weight loss plan but I have lost 5 pounds since starting. Before the Wiley Protocol i was on bhrt for 3 years with no success and just continued to gain weight. 25 pounds in a year with no change to diet. I stopped having periods and quite frankly I never wanted to have one again so I was hesitant to start this protocol. The first month I was very bloated and very discouraged when I got my period and it was very heavy and lasted about a week. This month was one day early and was slightly heavy my first 2 days and then barely anything. I'm on day 5 of my cycle and only slight spotting. No cramping or headaches like I used to have with my periods. If you can stick through the early months I feel this is the best type of hormone replacement out there. I will admit I've had days where I have no energy at all, but I have faith it will get better as time goes by and with Gretchen Jones guidance.

Christina R.

Hey Gretchen! I wanted to message you regarding my cousin Wendy who you made time for a phone consult with later today. I just wanted to say that she seems to be having such a similar experience to what I have. She has estradiol at 323.8 on day 20, but still really bad peri symptoms. When I started with you, my estradiol was 327 on day 19...almost exactly the same. You told me to go ahead and start anyway, I think based on my symptoms and our conversation. As you know, it was bumpy for me getting into a cycle, but I have been for two months now and have done my day 12 and day 21 labs this month and they finally are looking more normal, with a 448 peak and a 101 day 21, and I am feeling SO much better than I was. I don’t know if in my case, and maybe hers too, that our receptors stop working right, or we just lose the peak and stay high and that causes symptoms, or just no P messes it up, or something like that or what?? But I know that WP is working for me even though my numbers looked just like hers when starting. I wanted to share that in case it factors in for you at all with her case. I told her that whatever happens to put her trust in you either way as you have years of experience and that I trust you implicitly, as you’ve helped me so much and for me, WP is working 😊😊😊 I was looking forward to my next phone consult with you to tell you the good news. Waiting to do one more set of labs on a really crappy day (curious), then will schedule. Talk soon! And thank you again!

My cousin said she would be speaking to you at 5. It’s so kind of you to make the time for her. Yes, she’s freaking out pretty bad but I was too when I started. We are a high strung lot in this family at mid life it seems. The women don’t tend to come through meno in good shape at all, and some, like my mom, don’t make it at all. Seriously, you and the WP have literally saved my life. I’m hoping she can get through the anxiety long enough to let it work for her too. My anxiety is gone and looking back now it seems silly. But I know that when you’re in it, it feels real and is overwhelming. It’s amazing what hormones affect.

Nicole R.

That's why I IM-ed you about how to set up an appointment! I can barely get 5 minutes of my specialists time for $250. Let alone all the follow ups I needed for a year. Plus, you actually respond, you don't treat your patients like they are idiots and an inconvenience. Very rare to find one like you! And I have seen a lot of doctors in my life..... Very excited to book my consult and have you take the wheel. Ive been at my whits end trying to find a doctor to help me who wouldn't bankrupt me in the process. - Elena Y

I’ve been on Wiley for 12+years.. I was one of Gretchen’s firsts 😁. She changed my life.. after a full hysterectomy was on anti-depression and pregnant horse urine hormones (premerin) and continued to get “chubby”. It took a year or so to find the right formula but, my God, it was like a whole new me, like I was 20 again (46@the time & now 58). I’ve def had to tweek the dosage at times, especially after a major surgery last year. But YES, I am a walking story of such a wonderful life after meeting with Gretchen Jones ♥️♥️♥️. Oh and btw, at the time I was 150ish, pushing into sz12,. I actually weighed after my 2nd year 115, and size 00. I’ve gained a few lbs, but still work into 1or 3’s... I’m happy on my hormones 😁😁🥰

Deborah M

the first consult is free.. she is very happy to speak with you as often as you need.. I was a bit hesitant at first but Gretchen was just so good at alleviating my fears .. she is using BHRT herself so that was reassuring..

I wish you well and keep in mind it is a journey..

Colette D


I switched from static dosing to Wiley protocol with Gretchen in Feb and have had very good results. Prior to that I started bhrt in July, five years post menopause at 57. I saw improvements right away with static, but ended up with two different bhrt Dr.s and had way too many ups and downs on static plus I started having a period monthly that the other Dr.s couldn't figure out. I am adjusting dosage on Wiley and every month is getting better. Gretchen is by far better to work with than the other Dr.s I saw.

Leslie M.


Want to share some positive news. I have been on hormones now for 6 full months and I am feeling so much better. Working with Gretchen has been a godsend. Her patience and willingness to answer my questions and explain the nuances of Hormones has been so helpful. Even though I still don’t understand them… Yet. 😂 Don’t give up. My symptoms were my sex drive was in the tank which is what got me to investigate hormones. 😳 Hot flashes, which I had under control a little bit but they were coming back, no energy, headaches, weight gain, bone density issues and I just overall felt like crap. Oh and I was angry all the time. Now… My mood is much better, I have energy again, no hot flashes, great orgasms and a desire for sex, headaches are better. I’d still like to release some weight but I’m not as freaked out by that right now and looking forward to bone density test next year to see how that is moving along. Don’t compare our stories to other people...Because everyone is so different. And it’s helpful to hear other people stories to know change is possible!!  don't give up. Thank you Gretchen Jones! 💚

\ ......Laura C

I am on my second month of estrogen and progesterone creme with Grethen Jones and to my joy my hot flushes are gone. Also I got a bit of stomach problems getting older, I am 59. Well my stomach problems vanished too, since on the hormone creams. Another improvement I noticed, was that I use to had to have something to eat regularly, and would feel bad if I did not. Also something that happened as I got older. Well, that is not a problem anymore. I can go longer periods of not eating and still feel fine. Thank you sooo much Gretchen Jones for what you believe in and do, it is very apparent that you care.

Astria K

I want to share a little bit my story, is quite long but I’ll try to summarize here

I’m stage IV endometriosis warrior, 4 surgeries, 3 IVFs, artificial menopause when I was 30, hysterectomy, one excision surgery ended up in a nasty complication that put my health in jeopardy and I was scared that I wouldn’t see my babies again and last year I had busted ovary (my only ovary left) currently in menopause using Gretchen Jones..

Let me just say, this year like for everyone else’s has been a LOT and going through menopause while a pandemic is not a good mix. But I have forgiven myself for the moments I wasn’t myself and hurt my loved ones. Thankfully I have an amazing support system.

This past Wednesday was my mammogram, I am 39 but since I was 22 my right breast developed a benign mass, since then every year my boobs get checked. My body likes to developed tumors, polyps and all that fun stuff with the endometriosis. So this Wednesday while I was getting my boob sonogram and my boobs squeeze, I asked the nurse if my lump was bigger or smaller, by my surprise she says, “What lump? I don’t see any lumps? 😳” I said, “are you sure?” . She showed me the screen on the sonogram and explained all the pictures she has taken. I was in shocked 😮 No LUMP🙏🏼🙌🏻👏🏻 Not only did my lump dissolved but my pelvic pain that I have dealt with since I was a teen is gone too 🙌🏻 painful sex is gone, bloating that made me look like 6 months pregnant is gone! Mood swings gone, not longer depressed, more energy, sleeping a lot better, recurrent UTIs haven’t come back, join pain is a lot better, migraines pretty much gone, libido is back 👏🏻 too, and it’s way better than when I was younger and VG dryness is gone too. And I started losing the extra weight that came from hormone deprivation. Lastly, I am off of all my meds that I used to take!!

It didn’t happen overnight, I’m about to start month 5. the first 3 months I was not able to tolerate Progesterone, it was a roller coaster. I’m not optimal yet but very close but gosh I can feel a huge difference already. Thank you Gretchen!!! I have no words to describe my gratitude 🙏🏼 for you. I have been lost my entire life trying to heal my excruciating painful endometriosis pain, I saw many countless of doctors and “endo specialistsl” and no relief. I was close to give up to try to live a better quality of life. You are an angel sent from above 😘

If you are just starting this protocol or thinking about it but afraid because what doctors have told you about breast cancer; let this be a sign to talk to Gretchen about your symptoms. Be open about it, read Gretchen’s research, read the book Sex, Lies and Menopause but mainly be patient with this process ❤️ Healing takes time.

Cynthia S.

As most of you know I was always 105 pounds soaking wet most of my life. It wasn’t till I hit 42 that my body went haywire. I gained 60 pounds what seemed like over night, high blood pressure all of a sudden, anxiety like never before, I looked like a busted can of biscuits in jeans, sleep was a thing in the past, mood swings, foggy memory, foggy Thinkin, wanted to snack all the time! At night my mind would just race. Even after having 5 kids never ever had a stomach but boy did that change. It wasn’t until God lead me to this wonderful lady Gretchen Jones that I found my happy again! 21 pounds down and counting and my tummy is almost gone! Thanks Gretchen for helping me you have really been a God sent! It took 18 months to get me where I need to be but I appreciate you so very much... I enjoy our talks. I love your wisdom, thanks so much for sharing with me. If I have described you, she is your gal!!

S. Henson

Susan H

Hey Gretchen just wanted to give you an update on my experience so far with the face and body cream. I am an esthetician and haven’t believed in instant results with any cream or potion but this cream has blown my mind…it is totally a game changer. No wonder your skin looks so good. I have only been using it two weeks and the change is clearly noticeable by myself and my clients are asking what is my new skin secret.
Just wanted you to know it is beyond 5 stars in my book!!!


game changer

My name is Susan. I would like to share a bit of my story with you. I’m here to encourage you to never give up!

To start, I would like to give you a little back ground. At the age of 42 my body went haywire. What felt like all of a sudden, I had high blood pressure, hot flashes, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t tolerate caffeine, Anxiety attacks, weight gain (like 60 pounds) fibromyalgia, my skin was dry, my insides were dry, my hair was thinning, I couldn’t think straight, I had brain fog like never before. I have 5 kids this couldn’t be more inconvenient. I searched for answers day and night. Still having a period although they were extremely heavy and lasting 15-18 days. Perimenopause was not something I was ready to hear. But that was exactly my problem.

Fast forward to 18 months ago When I got in touch with Gretchen Jones. What a doll! And to my surprise had a similar story as mine. She put me on estrogen/progesterone creams. I’ll admit I had some difficult days. Gained more weight. IT’S NOT THE CREAMS CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN! It’s your hormones not being optimized. I’m here to tell you hang in there. Your not gonna notice a huge difference in just a couple of months. Don’t quit taking your hormones. Keep your appointments. Do your labs. This is serious and if you give up before you’re fixed you have to start all over.

I dropped 23 pounds fast. I no longer crave carbohydrates, sugars, and junk food! I feel fabulous like when I was 25, my skin is no longer feels like an old dry boot, fibromyalgia gone… anxiety gone… brain fog gone…. Cravings gone…. I sleep like a baby and my blood pressure hasn’t ever been as good as it is right now and guess what? no meds….. my energy is through the roof. If it can happen for me it can happen for you. I’m here to tell you. Listen to her. She will get you there. She has been a true God sent for me!!! I truly am thankful! Thanks so much Gretchen Jones! ❤️❤️❤️

  I called to try and reorder. Everything was fine and I was able to re-order 3 month of Men-T. If you had anything to do with that, Thank you very much. If I had just dropped the ball, I thank you anyway. This stuff has made a wonderful difference in how my body has wakened up and is helping me do what I ask of it. I'm due to turn 70 in a couple of weeks. I feel as if I was back to 40 something. I remember my Father and how he was at mid 60's, it's been amazing to feel as I do now and remember my Dad moving around a lot slower then. I'm very grateful to my Daughter Christine and You, very much.

Please keep on with you're work of really being a help to real people like me and my family.

At a Girl,

Thanks again, John R.

70 Year Old Male

I went through 3 “BHRT” experts before I found Gretchen. In the middle if all that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously I was terrified. I started EXTENSIVE research and read everything I could to be self informed. Suzanne Somers books were extremely informative and I also contacted her Dr in California for information. I put my life in Gretchen’s hands along with the knowledge that I was with the most amazing and incredible BHRT advocate I could have. In the beginning I actually drove 2 hours from my home to where her office was. I have never looked back in regret. 


Schedule a Consultation

Each person will be given an initial consultation to discuss symptoms and medical history. Keep in mind you need blood labs drawn and it is helpful to have the results prior to your first consultation. If you are paying cash for your labs or have a high deductible you can order at my cost after scheduling your initial consultation. You will have your second consultation after 30 days.